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Chances are extremely rare as far as i know, but if you're worried i would take an extra precaution or two just to be on the safe side! If you have ovulated about two weeks before your expected period when your partner ejaculates, his sperm goes up into the vagina, into your cervix, and meets up with the egg and fertilizes it. July 23, - 2: The defining characteristic of dry sex is that there is no penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus. Sex With No Clothes.

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I like giving my best bud head after he bangs my gf.

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Will I get pregnant by dry humping with no clothes on?

You had clothes on and therefore didn't have sex intercourse with ejaculation. Your clothes prevent this from happening. If the guy you're doing this with tries to get you to go further even after you've clearly stated that you don't want to, you have every right to tell him to kindly piss off. Our marriage is perfect but the sex stinks! Guest over a month ago. Without ejaculation, sperm is possibly not even near you.

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dry sex without clothes
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dry sex without clothes
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