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On our way home, we reached a place where the boda bodas stopped and they gave my friend a small bag. Roughly 30 per cent of the sampled schools in Kenya provided sanitary pads for their students but in most instances, the sanitary pads were only offered for emergencies. Nevertheless, Kenya has been making progress on the issue. When we met the following week in school, I was very happy and thanked Mary for helping me. Agnes, a year-old student in Kuria West sub-county, has also experienced the dark side of period poverty. I feared telling my teacher and also feared boys would laugh at me.

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Periods are shrouded by stigma and systemic misinformation in the country — with superstitious beliefs about menstruation rife.

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He looked at me and asked why I was tying a pullover around my waist. Girls in Kenya are forced to have in sex in exchange for sanitary products due to the prevalence of period poverty and the shame, stigma and public health misinformation which surrounds menstruation. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. Judy, a secondary student in Kuria west sub-county in Kenya whose name has been changed, has experienced the trauma of exchanging sex for sanitary items first hand. The humanitarian charity found 10 per cent of young adolescent girls admitted to having transactional sex for pads in western Kenya. Mary ensured that I slept with this man.

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