Naked lap beer pong

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This entry was posted in Awesome and tagged beer pongembarrassmenthumiliationnaked lapstreaking. To play you need at least one ping pong ball although at least two is preferable20 plastic cups solid red Solo cups are the classicplenty of cheap beer and a large table about the size of a ping pong table. This rule is used by many but often forgotten at times when it would apply. Pre-Gaming is Crucial Pregame to loosen yourself up. In other words, all 10 of their cups have Say goodbye to spilling! After realizing that I was only making things worse by delaying the inevitable, I agree upon the condition that I get to cover my manhood with my boxers which I get to hold in my hand.

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You will not receive this offer again, seriously.

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The Naked Lap

While I was in school, I had always prided myself on being a pretty good beer pong player. Most players agree that you cannot request a re-rack until getting the ball in at least four cups. Even if you trollyou still spent time being fucking awesome. Even if you lose, at least your beer pong set up will be killer. It gives me the shivers to think about that. And until I completely lost it in the quicksand-like final turn of the naked lap, there really was a window of time where I was having a little fun. Look at it this way:

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naked lap beer pong
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naked lap beer pong
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