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Todd and I both loved Jeff. If they do get into legal trouble, it'll be yet another perfect demonstration of why IP is so stupid. I laughed when I saw it last night. No one is safe. Talking to one man is really phenomenal, knowing that something is going to be done. Have you done any recording towards the next project? I could feel the force of the energy of the world spinning around him, and him trying deliberately to stay centered, grounded.

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It's too bad, too

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Why are there so many films about Jeff Buckley in the works?

Yes he does not have a very good history. Don't attack artists posting their content. Some, on FM of course. Consider this strip as a fine example of Buckley's writing talent. Topics about comic-based movies or TV shows are also fine. But like every artist says, you can't please everyone, yet penny arcade never seems to have these issues CAD backgrounds have not improved at all from early comics.

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tim buckley is an asshole
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