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In this one, Marsha White is gradually revealed as a department store mannequin who has enjoyed a brief vacation among living people. Francis entered show business at a young age, working as a model at age five to help her family make ends meet during the Great Depression, and making her Broadway debut at age Playing the naive daughter of Pidgeon's brilliant but conflicted Dr. Last edited by Wendigo; at Alta rails about the captain's behavior to her father who seems somewhat indifferent, although he does tell her to stay away from the visiting spaceship. Alta leaves with Commander Adams which is different than Star Trek- Kirk's conquests always seemed to die or disappear.

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She doesn't like or understand the nature of his objection, mistakenly believing that he finds her body unattractive to look at.

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Last edited by Tornadoofsouls; at Mod Edit-removed dead image s Last edited by Tornadoofsouls; at Then he starts to take her to task for the way she was dressed! There are a few more kisses and clenches, but from this point on the romance takes a back seat to the A story about how the invisible monster killing everyone is Dr. Playing the naive daughter of Pidgeon's brilliant but conflicted Dr. She invites him to join her, but he tells her he didn't bring a swimsuit, to which she replies "What's that?

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