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Internal reliability in the current study ranged from 0. HIV-related risk behaviors among psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents and school-based adolescents. The researchers say that cervical cancer risk is associated with low socioeconomic status, but the reasons for the association are not fully understood. Neighborhood and family contexts of adolescent sexual activity. When each of the three demographic groups within each sex was analyzed separately e. Risk, disorder, and adaptation. Parental characteristics in relation to depressive disorders.

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Rates of DISC-generated diagnoses in this sample are similar to those of other studies of general clinic populations Jensen and Weisz,

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Tracing the Roots of Early Sexual Debut Among Adolescents in Psychiatric Care

Ecodevelopmental Theory also implicates peer and partner relationship attitudes in the timing of sexual debut Biglan et al. Numbers in parentheses beside fractions are the predictive value for each endpoint or the percentage of the predicted classifications into the given category that were correct. Table 2 presents statistics summarizing the classification performance of the ODA tree model. Interestingly, youth in Class 3, who engaged in early tobacco and substance use but did not have elevated risk for pregnancy or STDs, did not differ significantly from youth in the low risk group on any of the kindergarten characteristics except for inattention for boysbut showed higher levels than the low risk group on all of the eighth grade measures except for deviant friends for boys. You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4. Please review our privacy policy.

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teen sex linked to early
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teen sex linked to early
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